Tell Governor your views

My views on this are not withstanding the privileges of a Governor in these Islands as an older gentleman enjoying the auspices of living in the warm Caribbean during the bitter cold weather back in the UK during the retirement years.

As a concerned citizen and resident, and yes, true Caymanian, I cannot sit around while the spending on this so-called inquiry continues unchecked. $2.6 million has already been spent with no end in sight. Tell me, is the Queen going to build our schools back for us so our children can get an education? Is the Queen going to provide us with the means to pay for our infrastructure that we cannot rebuild or improve?

These are just a few of the many projects that we, the people will not see done because the fiscal budget has been shot down due to a few men running up some huge bills and you letting them do it.

I for one would like to see what they are spending so much money on. I have worked in government and I know the possibilities for that amount of money. Seems like a lot of photocopying be done for that amount of money!

So which 10 government departs will have to shut down due to a lack of funds to run them? The amount of money spent could pay salaries for how many people? Let’s see, what if we randomly shut down 10 departments and their operating expenses. Gee Mr. Governor, which ones shall they be? Would you like to volunteer your salary and donate your expense account towards the cause?

So the question remains. What do we do now? Does the person who approved these funds for the Governor, back in the U.K, know where the money is coming from and do they think there is an unlimited amount of funds for this purpose?

Are they getting the whole story or are they only hearing what they need to hear before making decisions? What planet do they live on? Could you imagine if the U.K. people were to hear of a government probe in London, which cost the people of that country 2.6 million pounds; and that it’s not finished yet?

There would be blood in the streets and someone would be looking for a new place to hide.

So, dear Governor, I know you don’t care about your popularity on these Islands but I ask, do you think you could get away with strong arming the UK Government as you appear to be trying to do here?

Here’s a newsflash for you…the funds being spent by our Government is the money of the people. The elected members of this Government are responsible to the people of these islands for the spending of every last dime. I am not giving my blessing to the spending of another hard earned cent to you and your inquiry and I urge other residents and Caymanians to tell the Government your views on this matter. They are to answer to us, the people, the taxpayers, not to the Governor or the Queen. Tell the two of them to stay out of our pockets and check their own.

By the way, Rudy, we hope you can still keep your pension after all this because we all know that Mr. Kernahan is keeping his. The helicopter incident alone should cause him to give back every dollar we paid in salary to him during his tenure. I say, we have a new commissioner, give him a chance; let him sort out the police. It will be cheaper in the end and the MET guys can find their way back home, sorry, no warm weather this winter blokes. Say hello to mum! Holidays are over!

Jennifer Bodden