Ease up expat rules

I am a US citizen and would love to move and live permanently in Cayman.

My husband and I would have jobs in the banking and retail industries making a true contribution to Cayman by being a homeowner and contributing to the stamp tax.

It is a shame how currently it is difficult for all when it should only be difficult for some.

If you work full-time 40+ hours a week making a viable income, I would hope that we could continue to stay and not be forced to move for one year leaving behind our home, job and friends.

We have no children, but for couples that do, they are leaving behind a wonderful school too!

I can see the need for people who are taking advantage of the Cayman system and only working one day a week, not completing government applications and such but all non-Caymanians should not be classified together.

Please sift through the paperwork, contact applicants by mail that need to complete original applications and whatever other additional information is needed.

If they stall, then cancel their application and send them home. For all of the others that love Cayman and can provide all proper documentation, please let us stay and become a part of the Cayman family in our homes, jobs and with God.

Michelle Kelley