Scrap isn’t pot of gold

I have operated a scrap metal recycling business on this Island since 1990 and continue to do so to date.

Getting rid of the scrap mountain at the George Town Landfill should not be as difficult a problem as it has appeared to be in the past.

The Government needs to approach the matter as a problem rather than a money making commodity.

Once it is looked at from that perspective and people who know how to handle scrap metal entrusted to deal with it the mountain can disappear very quickly.

In my view everyone that has so far been involved with this matter is looking at it as a money making gold mine rather than a garbage problem and as long as one is prepared to hold out for the money rather than seeing it as a problem this matter will not go away.

I think it is time the Government speaks to local people who have scrap handling experience rather than trying to peddle it to every foreigner who shows up with the view that the foreigner is going to pay a bunch of money for it.

This way of doing things has failed in the past and will fail in the future.

When I started in the scrap metal business I could go to the dump, pick up the material and ship it off Island without anyone even being aware that this was happening.

Today if I show up at the dump gate I am not allowed to pick up anything so I have to depend on people bringing it to me and paying market price for it.

There is no wonder that so many people start the recycling business and disappear soon after.

A New York Jew told me when I shipped my first container off the island back in the 1990s that the scrap business is a dog-eat-dog business and that only the strong survive.

It is hard dirty work and if you don’t enjoy doing it you wont stay with it very long.

Unfortunately today scrap metal is worthless and if you really look at it as money rather than garbage this problem will continue to exist.

If anyone is really serious about getting rid of Mount Trashmore then you need to look at it as what it really is and stop fantasizing about scrap steel being gold.

Leroy Whorms