WAC launches new phone service

The Water Authority recently launched a new automated telephone system.

Customers may now dial 94-WATER for general inquiries or to report an outage during business hours, though the current number will remain in service.

Outages that occur after-hours may be reported by dialling 946-HELP. The previous after-hours helpline will remain available for a transition period of six months, however all callers are encouraged to use the new number.

The updated telephone system features an Auto-Attendant and Call Centre.

The Auto-Attendant automatically routes all calls to the call centre where callers will be given the following menu options to choose from: (1) Broken Line, (2) Account Balance, (3) Bill Query, (4) Customer Service and (0) Operator.

‘Not only do we want to actively engage our customers by answering their questions and solving their problems, but ultimately, we want to deliver higher levels of satisfaction,’ said Joanna Welcome-Martinez, customer service manager.

‘With the new telephone system, the Water Authority achieves just this, as the added functionality will provide a superior customer experience and allow us to achieve first-call resolution on issues.’

‘At the Water Authority we are dedicated to continually improving service to our customers,’ said Dr. Gelia Frederick-van Genderen, Water Authority director.

‘By embracing new technologies such as this automated phone system, we can ensure that our customers receive the best possible service.’

In June 2007, the Water Authority launched its website www.waterauthority.ky, which provides customers with an alternate way of contacting customer service and reporting service outages via the internet.

For more information about the Water Authority, visit www.waterauthority.ky