Yes, it’s cool outside

We’ve had our share of winds and cloud cover, with cooler weather and rougher seas. Nature’s changing of season, though less dramatic here than the snow-swept scenes up north, is still worthy of our attention.

Adjusting to cooler weather may include eating more warming foods, taking extra precautions for warmth or adding new variations of physical activity.

Dress warmly for air-conditioned offices and wear a hat when outside. Avoid people who are sneezing … I walked out of a shop quickly last week when the young sales lady began sneezing. On that note, those of you working with cruise ship tourists may need to take extra measure to protect yourself with regular hand washing and keeping a respectful distance from snorting and sneezing customers.

Dietary habits in the northern countries are notably affected by seasonal change. Soups and stews tend to replace the cooling salads and fruits of summer. So in Cayman, warmer foods will nourish and strengthen the body and assist in managing the increasing levels of stress and colds associated with this cool time of year. Keep up a good intake of Vitamin C.

Exercise boosts our immune system, so keeping active can help you avoid colds. An early morning walk works in the cooler weather, or find a friend with whom to walk or run with in the evening. I’m proud of participants in the Water Works Wonders programs who are gaining increased strength and endurance by getting into the water, who are benefiting from an immediate boost the metabolism and increased stamina.

When I lived in Canada and felt symptoms of a cold coming on, a lengthy swim in an indoor pool immediately boosted my immune system and kept me from getting the cold.

Taking care of your health during this cooler-than-usual season is wise. Basic tips: eat warm and healthy foods, take extra Vitamin C, keep a distance with people displaying cold symptoms, dress warmly and keep up your exercise.