Choppy running for office

West Bay businessman Reginald ‘Choppy’ Delapenha has announced his intention to contest the upcoming elections in the district of West Bay as an independent candidate.

Mr. Delapenha gave several key reasons for his decision. He said he felt that many of the important issues that face the district of West Bay and the Cayman Island as a whole are either not being dealt with or being made a political football that gets kicked around from year to year and term to term as conditions deteriorate.

He pointed to the failure of successive governments to make the very important decision on the looming problem of the George Town Landfill. He said that each successive government over at least the last 16 years simply passed the buck on this issue as the situation got worse by the day. To date, no meaningful steps have been put forward to address the problem, he said.

Choppy said he has a workable solution to the landfill problem and as part of his campaign will discuss this matter with a host of other important topics.

‘While I recognize that some of the island’s most difficult decisions will have to be made in the coming months and years, this is exactly what I have done for the last 23 years in order to build a successful business – I made difficult decisions. I also understand that with each decision there are many factors that have to be considered and most are interrelated, especially in a community as small and closely related as ours.’

Mr. Dalepenha said another major issue is the common tendency for one politician or party to simply attack or criticize the other and do so, without even presenting a viable alternative solution to the problem.

‘This is simply a waste of valuable time, when we have so much work to be done in advancing the welfare of these islands,’ he said. ‘The time has now come for the Caymanian people to demand sensible and mature representation from their elected officials, whose sole agenda must be to look their elected officials whose sole agenda must be to look after the best interests of these islands and its people. Meaningful change in our current method of governing must take place, if this is going to happen.’