Teacher musician rolled over

It is time for Cayman to say farewell to another one of its dear residents.

Error! Bookmark not defined. entertained us with her beautiful piano performances at the Grand Old House for seven years. Her Permit was later amended, to allow her to privately teach music. On an island that promotes the arts and a parent base that was crying out for it, Vilma had an instant clientele of some 40 children who were all passionate about learning music, playing piano and singing.

Miss Vilma has taken it upon herself to work alongside her student’s schools together with the Trinity Music Guild, and 10 of her students are now studying for their Trinity Music Exams that are to be held in April/May. Sadly, Vilma will be leaving by the end of February and studying will be disrupted.

With all of our named policies in place like ‘Status Holder, Seven-Year Rollover, Permanent Residence, Key Employee, there is obviously a dire need for another title to secure some of the people that are a big part of our working, family community, that are being let go. It’s a bit long, but maybe ‘Our most caring, hardworking, community builder, inspiring teacher, classically trained concert pianist, low-carbon footprint (cycle’s everywhere!) key person’ should be that title. We can change it up as need be, but I hope people get the point.

Error! Bookmark not defined. you will be missed dearly and it is such a shame that if you so choose to come back to us after a year, we have had to disrupt all the children’s studies and your life for 12 months. But, we will all be waiting for you. I think I can speak for all of your students and parents in wishing you well and thanking you for your endless support and efforts with our kids. You are loved.

Nicola Agemian