Give nod to constitution

In this specific instance the Leader of Government Business is right on constitutional Modernisation.

There have been many examples in the past 18 months that makes it clear that this is necessary. I have a piece of paper on which I’m trying to record what precisely has the British Government done for these and other colonies that is favourable. The paper is still blank.

So it does our country no good for McKeeva Bush to demagogue this important issue for political positioning or whatever his motives are. In fact, it is a disservice to our country and I beseech him to cease and desist.

This is conduct unbecoming of anyone that wants the best for our country and puts its best interests first. This not behaviour that these Islands are searching for with political leadership, especially someone vying to be the first premier.

You would think that he did not have anything to do with the negotiations.

You would think that he did not have these objections at the table. Stop the shenanigans. Let’s move our country forward and approve this constitutional Modernisation.

As for the Human Rights Commission’s objections, I do understand their concerns but I detect a bit of a two faced move on their part. They have never done anything in the past about gay rights, they have never done anything about discrimination, even in their own profession, and they never been vocal about equal pay for all so what is with the current drama with them throwing a monkey wrench into the gears of the process?

I am not anti gay rights they are people too. The Human Rights Commission fails to separate what is achievable from what is not achievable. Are they willing to pay for the cost of these rights that they espouse? We did not get the perfect constitution, but got something that takes us further to defining our own destiny. Other steps will take time and will come in due course.

So please do not throw the baby out with the bath water. Let us make this first step. Please for the good of our very small nation and more importantly for our children and grandchildren.

What we now need is a cadre of new leaders that are visionaries, balanced and fair. People that are honourable, capable and can work together and move our country forward. Since the party isn’t working let us find the competent independents that can do the job and do it well.

Albert Stanton Jackson Jr.