CAL mum on suspended pilots

Cayman Airways offered few details Wednesday about the recent suspension of two of its pilots.

Asked a number of questions about the matter, Cayman Airways CEO Olson Anderson issued only a brief statement in response.

‘Cayman Airways confirms that two of its pilots have been suspended pending an investigation by the Civil Aviation Authority,’ he said. ‘We are cooperating with the Authority in their investigation and cannot comment any further.’

Mr. Anderson did not answer questions asking who the pilots were; when they were suspended; why they were suspended; and whether they were suspended with or without pay.

He also would not say if the pilots flew Twin Otter plans or jets; or if their suspensions would disrupt Cayman Airways’ flight schedules in any way.

There were also reports of an air traffic controller also having been suspended. However, the Cayman Islands Airport Authority’s Communications and Marketing Manager Caren A. Thompson-Palacio referred questions about the matter to the Civil Aviation Authority.

‘Our CEO has suggested that you contact the Civil Aviation Authority Cayman Islands for comment on this matter,’ she said.

Question sent by email to the CAA yesterday morning were unanswered up until press time.