Scott-Roberts honoured Saturday

On Saturday during the live telecast of the 2009 Young Caymanian Leadership Awards, a special tribute and the presentation of an Honorary Award will be presented in respect of the leadership of young Caymanian, Mrs. Estella Scott-Roberts.

Estella Scott-Roberts

Estella Scott-Roberts

During the lead up to the 2004 YCLA, the Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation received nominations from the community for Estella Scott-Roberts. The YCLA Board of Directors included her as one of the five finalists for the 2004 YCLA and she was honoured that evening along with the other finalists.

The YCLA has been working closely with the Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation, under the direction of Mr. Rayle Roberts, husband of Estella and Chairman of the newly created Foundation. Mr. Roberts is also a YCLA alumni finalist who was honoured and celebrated during the 2006 Young Caymanian Leadership Awards ceremony.

‘The Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation will be bestowing the honorary YCLA to Mr. Roberts in recognition of the overall solid leadership values of his wife Estella’, comments Melissa Wolfe from YCLA. ‘Her focus, dedication and determination inspired a nation. Her sincerity, trust and genuine concern for people inspired those closest to her.’

Both organisations share a joint goal to recognize and pay tribute to a young leader who is deeply respected and missed by an entire community. In addition, the vision of the Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation will be promoted to let Estella’s voice continue to be heard and to encourage peace and positive social changes in the Cayman Islands.

‘Creating the Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation is but one way that I can ensure that the causes that my wife diligently worked on during her lifetime will continue to be addressed and in the public domain.’ Comments Chairperson of the Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation, Mr. Rayle Roberts ‘Estella was known for being a voice for some of the most disadvantaged groups in our community, abused women and children.’

The objectives of the Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation are to advocate for a life free of violence; to carry out activities to facilitate the empowerment of women and girls; to advocate for and support equity and equality for women and girls in all areas of life; to support policies and research projects that further the aim of gender equality; to do all other acts or things necessary, advisable or desirable for the advancement of women’s issues.

The 2009 Young Caymanian Leadership Awards will be held on Saturday, February 21st at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. The live telecast will begin promptly at 7pm and will celebrate all young Caymanian leaders and share the successes over the past ten years.