Spite behind stealing

A Guyanese heavy equipment operator stole $300 from his brother-in-law to spite him, the Summary Court hear this week.

As punishment, Tuldas Muneshwer will pay $1,350 in fines before almost certainly losing the right to continue working in the Cayman Islands.

Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale scolded Muneshwer, telling him ‘Spite is such a useless emotion,’ as she handed down her sentence.

Muneshwer pleaded guilty to two counts each of making documents without authority, uttering a false document and obtaining property by deception over two bogus cash withdrawals in 2008.

The court heard Muneshwer posed as his brother-in-law at a Butterfield Bank branch in July and August 2008. On the first occasion he filled out a withdrawal slip for $100; on the second it was for $200.

Asked why he did it, Muneshwer said there were lots of reason but added he did not want to elaborate further because it is ‘a private matter’. This drew a strong rebuke from the judge, after which he said he had taken the money to get back at the brother-in-law.

‘Since the money was so important to you, I will hit you where it hurts,’ the judge said, handing down the fine.

Muneshwer said he has since apologised to the bank but his brother-in-law wouldn’t accept his apology.

‘$1,350 to spite your brother-in-law – tell me, is it worth it?’ the judge asked. ‘No, it wasn’t’ Muneshwer admitted.