Food on a budget

What we eat and how we eat it is another great way to control the budget. Obviously cooking your own food and avoiding as many convenience foods as possible is a fantastic way to decrease your out flow of cash, followed by not eating out or getting carryout from your favorite restaurants. I have included some of my ideas below, but you will find that your own ideas will start to pop up once you get going.


Food on a budget.

• One day a week spend some time in the kitchen preparing foods for the week. Prep vegetables for quick salads at the end of a busy day. Cook and freeze soups, chillies, and casseroles.

• Explore crock-pot meals. You start them in the morning and when your family arrives home in the evening, dinner is ready.

• If you’re dying for Chinese food, go to your local Chinese buffet. Fill the carryout container with meat and vegetables only. Make rice at home, and purchase soda by the two liter at the grocery store.

• If you have to have fast food, stay away from the Value Meals. Buy a sack of burgers and purchase potato chips and soda pop at the grocery store.

• Drop coffee shops. Make your own coffee in the morning and put it in a travel mug.