More water bill woes

Well, well, the Water Authority strikes again.

The exact scenario described by Gary Southway happened to me in South Sound in 2003.

A $2,800 water bill showed up in my mailbox one month, and the precise set of circumstances followed. I was told that my meter would be sent off-island to check its accuracy… no defects were found, of course, and the inspector found no leaks on my property either (which would have had to be catastrophic to drain a tanker full of water). A supposed mystery, for which they demanded I foot the entire bill. As with Mr. Southway, the Authority was also working in my neighbourhood the same month that generated my bill. Hmmm.

At the time I visited the Water Authority and was told tough luck, pay up unless I could prove I didn’t use the water. I polled my neighbours at a block party later that year and met a guy who had similarly been shaken down by the Water Authority for $1,800.

Hopefully incompetence is the culprit rather than something shadier, but my neighbour and I were expats with no recourse whatsoever, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Mr. Southway is as well.

I suspect that connected Caymanians could disregard such an outrageous bill.

Brendan Sherlock