Health on a balanced budget

During these days of minding our pennies a little more closely, health, wellness and personal fitness are important priorities to maintain. Taking small steps can help you eat nutritious foods and have dollars left over for the integrated medicine, therapies and programs that support your wellness needs and goals.

I was inspired by this concept while watching a young man check out his groceries at the supermarket last week. Every item in his cart was packaged, sweetened, manufactured and not ‘real’ food. His purchases totaled two dollars more than mine, but he went home without food. I went home with sweet potatoes, melons, pumpkin, squashes, spinach, and lots more.

Lifestyles with Donna offers these suggestions to help maintain good health and fitness practices while keeping a lid on spending.

  • Give up buying foods that provide little or no nutrition. Make your dollars work for you in the supermarket by choosing fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy carbohydrates;
  • Decide what treatments are less essential to your health (and more essential to vanity). There are lots of ladies painting their own toenails more often in order to free up money for something else;
  • Take lunch and coffee with you from home. You can save up to at least $50 per week or more. Check it out;
  • Team up with co-workers and friends to form classes and split the cost of yoga, consultations and water conditioning programs;
  • Create your own exercise environment and routine without gym memberships unless you are a person who commits to the gym and actually goes there regularly.

But no matter how bad the economic situation gets, make sure to keep your health and wellness a priority, for without health, all the money in the world cannot bring us peace, radiant joy and abundant living. Be optimistic and value how you take care of yourself.