Theresa Lewis Pitcairn BT candidate

Theresa Pitcairn (nee Lewis), born in Grand Cayman and raised in Bodden Town, is a proud and passionate Caymanian who is candidate for MLA in Bodden Town.

Theresa first came to national prominence in 1982 by winning the Miss Cayman Islands beauty pageant.

Theresa’s attendance at the prestigious York University in Toronto, Canada and Bristol University, England was made possible by Mr. Arthur Hunter (also from Bodden Town), the Cayman law firm Hunter and Hunter (now Appleby) and The Business and Professional Women’s Club. At York University she earned a BA in Political Science and won both the Ashe Davis Liberal Award for Political Science and the Overseas Student Award for excellence. At Bristol University she earned an honours law degree, which enabled her to embark on a long legal career. A career highlight was on 8th March 2001 when she was elected as the first woman president of the Caymanian Bar Association.

Despite her personal achievements, she was increasingly concerned by what appeared to be inequalities and glass ceilings within certain sectors of the Cayman business community, particularly with respect to women and Caymanians in general.

She has never been afraid to voice her opinion and has spoken clearly about a range of socio-economic issues, including the advancement of qualified capable and committed Caymanians to senior positions in the workforce, training and equal opportunities in the workplace, working mothers and raising a family, the Caymanian youth, especially the Caymanian youth at risk and crime and the continued development of a strong diversified economy where no-one is excluded.

‘There is no doubt in my mind that there are a number of converging challenges facing our islands whether unemployment, crime, housing, young men and women at risk, health care, education, outdated fiscal policies, inadequate care for our seniors and an economy in crisis. Many of these issues are not only complex but of equal importance and requiring immediate attention, like never before,’ she said.

‘Today it is crystal clear that we have to find ways to increase our skills and educate our workers or we will certainly stagnate. We are already experiencing a palpable increase of unease and uncertainty. Given the economic recession we have to start thinking through how we are going to get through the challenge of foreclosures, lay offs, cancelled or postponed projects, the residual frustration that will ultimately lead to increased crime and violence.

‘We have to ensure that our leaders save in good periods and we as citizens and residents should be encouraged to save more. We went from a community that saved in the 60s and 70s to a community that lives hand to mouth in the 21st Century.’

Theresa has served on a number of Government boards and assisted with the drafting of a number of legislations. She was recently reappointed to the Planning Appeals Tribunal as a deputy chairperson.

She is a wife to John Pitcairn and devoted mother of three Jazz, Jade and David.

She has always been a devout and humble Christian, well known in Bodden Town for her long service as a Sunday school teacher at the Webster United Church for more than 20 years.