Mardi Gras on LC

The Little Cayman16th Annual Mardi Gras, with the theme Protect our Paradise, was held Saturday, 21 February, with a parade starting at 4pm at Head of Bay, which moved along the parade route to the Hungry Iguana parking lot.

Bob & Janet Freemantle, the first policeman and constable of Little Cayman were King and Queen.

Frank Roulstone, retiring general manager of the National Trust, was chairman of the judges and announced the winners.

1st place in the Resort Division went to Pirates Point Resort with their float, a background map of Little Cayman and 20 people each wearing matching Protect our Paradise T-shirts and various hats with matching signs to protect and save Little Cayman. Second place went to Paradise Villas with 2 boxes decorated as a Pair of Dice.

The resident float 1st place went to West End, Peter and Karen Linn’s float with the King and Queen and a second place to Lynne Locke’s Everyone Needs Protection.

The Walk/Bike Division 1st place trophy went to Lesley Blain, one of Little Cayman’s nurses whose entry was Protecting the People of our Paradise. Second place went to Dottie Benjamin Keeping Clean.

First place trophy in the Children’s Division was Mathieu Pothier for protecting the Pair of Dice and Alanis Hill for being the Angel of Paradise. Second place went to Hayley and Hunter Roulstone as No Feral Cats and No Jets.

In the Costume Division first place female was Janet Freemantle and second place was Debbie Truchan. First place male was Michael Vallee and second place to Bob Freemantle.

In the Children’s Costume Division, Mathieu Pothier won first place and Alanis Hill won second.

Special awards went to Jason Belport for not needing protection and the Little Cayman Beach Resort for being the most protective.

Lawrence Brown won a ribbon for playing the best music.