Take the step toward job security

A troubled economy and rising unemployment are likely to have many people worried about their job security these days.

Distinguishing yourself from the pack through career development can help you not only increase your job security but also make more money, get ahead professionally, or even change careers.

‘Setting goals to develop your career is just the first step,’ says Steve Krenzer, president of ClassesUSA.com. ‘You also need to put a plan in place to accomplish them. Fortunately, several of the most sought after career objectives may share a common solution – improving your education.’

Going back to school can be the first step in accomplishing several life-enhancing goals – goals that take on an even greater importance in a down economy.

Here are four professional objectives that you can jumpstart by continuing your education:

1. Earn More Money

Nearly everyone agrees they’d like to make more money, especially in the current economic climate. Higher education can help make that dream a reality. The higher the degree, the higher your earning potential.

Workers with a bachelor’s degree earn, on average, about $25,241 more per year than workers with only a high school diploma. A master’s, professional or doctoral degree can earn you an average of another $25,257 over peers with only an undergraduate degree.

2. Get Ahead Professionally

In a turbulent economy where broad job losses are making the job market even more competitive, having an edge can make all the difference. Whether your goal is to find a better job, earn a promotion in your current job or simply to survive a downsizing, education may give you that competitive edge.

Earning a bachelor’s or advanced degree is a great way to expand your qualifications and improve important skills. If you need more instant education gratification, consider a certificate program, many of which can be completed in a matter of months.

3. Start a New Career

Whether you’re motivated by a thirst for new challenges, or a shortage of opportunities in your current field, changing careers can be difficult to accomplish. Gaining additional, applicable education is a great way to show potential employers that you’re committed to your new career choice, and that you’ve got the knowledge and training to succeed.

4. Be More Assertive

Being a wallflower could hold you back professionally, as well as personally. If you want to be your company’s superstar, you need to be willing to speak up and push for your ideas – and to do that, you have to be confident. If you lack confidence at work, consider pursuing additional education. Not only will you benefit from the knowledge and skills you’ll gain, but adding a degree or certificate to your name could give you the boost in confidence you need to stand up and get noticed at your place of business. Additionally, the new-found confidence you establish at the office can enhance your efforts to be more assertive in other areas of your life.

With options like online learning, night classes, accelerated degree programs, and certificate programs it’s easier than ever before to go back to school. Free online resources like ClassesUSA.com can help you find programs that fit your needs.

‘We set goals because we want to improve our lives,’ Krenzer says. ‘Getting a better education can be an important first step in achieving several of those life-enhancing goals.’

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