Cayman National supports Brac relief

Cayman National has thrown its support behind an initiative by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman to help Brac residents rebuild months after Hurricane Paloma devastated the island.

On 7 March, members from all of all of the Rotary clubs in Grand Cayman will fly to the Brac to participate in a massive clean up and demolition event. Cayman National is supporting these efforts by funding the mid-day meal as well as the special edition T-shirt for volunteers participating in this event.

Rotary collected more than $120,000 in Paloma Recovery donations with $12,000 of the funds contributed through the Rotary’s website at

For the event, members will be rolling up their sleeves to help in rebuilding the lives of Sister Islands residents. Cayman National’s decision to fund the mid-day meal and the T-shirt printed with ‘Paloma Recovery Task Force’ ensures that every penny donated to Rotary’s hurricane fund is spent on the needs of Brac residents explained company spokesperson Claudia Welds.

‘Once again, Cayman National is proud to support these efforts, which will assist in the recovery process in the Brac, enabling residents to resume a better quality of life,’ said Mrs. Welds.

Approximately 50 Rotarians from Grand Cayman will pay for their own flights to the Sister Islands, tackling a variety of tasks requested by the residents. The Rotary Club of Cayman Brac will be coordinating the massive clean-up and demolition event.

More than 100 applications for assistance have flooded the Brac Rotary Club after the public was notified in January about their post-Paloma recovery efforts.

Brac Rotary president, Alphanso Gayle, urged all Grand Cayman Rotarians to travel to the Brac for the massive clean up event, because this initiative embodies Rotary’s international theme for 2009 of ‘Making Dreams Real’ as well as its mission of ‘Service Above Self’.

‘We are certainly grateful for the international outpouring of cash donations to the Brac relief effort, despite the world’s current economic climate,’ stated Mr. Gayle. ‘However, March 7th will be a day devoted to physical service that is badly needed within our community.’

Hurricane Disaster Committee Chair Andrea Stevens also encouraged residents in the Sister Islands to take advantage of the help being offered.

‘Rotarians from across the country will be willing and ready to help,’ said Ms. Stevens.’ But first, the residents will have to let us know their needs by submitting an application.’

Residents can obtain an assistance application form at all Cayman post offices or from Cayman Brac Rotarians. Recovery assistance will be determined on a case-by-case basis with priority given to those most in need.

Donations to Rotary’s hurricane recovery efforts were triggered by the post-Paloma updates on the Rotary’s website. Online visitors can get more information on Rotary’s work to help Brac residents rebuild as well as read comments of support and encouragement from people around the world.

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