Healthy lunches done dirt cheap

Taking lunch to work and school is a cost-saving routine and eliminates stress associated with finding good, healthy food in the middle of your busy day.

It also determines whether your children have a healthy, energy-producing lunch or a high-fat, lethargy-causing lunch of junk food.

Since the day when the Earl of Sandwich invented the first sandwich by placing meat between two slices of bread, the sandwich has gained worldwide acclaim with selections as varied as the countries they come from.

Purchasing a sandwich in Cayman can cost you from $2.50 for corned beef sandwich at your local gas station, to around $3.50 to $6 at the supermarkets, up to $9.50 plus at cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. With cost-cutting on everyone’s minds, making your own sandwich at home is a smart way to eat sensibly and save dollars for other pleasurable pastimes.

Lifestyles Tip: If you are single, make two sandwiches at once. Refrigerate one for tomorrow and pack the other for today. For those needing more variety, add different vegetables to each sandwich. Place pickles, tomatoes and other veggies between the turkey and cheese to avoid soggy bread or add these ingredients to your sandwich just before eating.

Cheap sandwich basics ingredients:

  • Honey Roasted Turkey Breast;
  • Light or regular mayonnaise;
  • Pickles;
  • Swiss or cheddar cheeses slices;
  • Mustard;
  • Hot Dog buns or hamburger rolls.

Delicious Turkey Sandwich

Stack six slices of turkey breast, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles and one slice of cheese adding any vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, olives and peppers. Cut in half, eat slowly and enjoy.

You may wish to buddy up with a friend if buying bulk items results in too much wastage because you are single or a couple. Get your young family involved in the sandwich preparation. You will be teaching them life skill, reducing stress and saving money. You will also be spending quality time with them in a creative kitchen.

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