Hydes didn’t run like a Junior

American muscle put down plenty of power at Breakers recently.

Drag racing featuring local drivers launched off without a hit last Saturday at Breakers Speedway.

Motorbikes, tuned imports and muscle cars took over the track from 2pm-6pm and gave spectators plenty to see.

Racing was broken down into axle classes as opposed to the traditional time classes.

The competition was sparse with about 12 racers on the day. Most were on motorbikes.

But those that ran smattered the area with the smell of burnt rubber and exhaust fumes.

When the air cleared four men would stand out from the rest.

Junior Hydes, in his 1980’s red and yellow track-prepped Ford Mustang, cleaned up. Hydes would power his rear-wheel beast to the RWD class win and emerge the overall winner on the day.

Joe Myrie, in his yellow Chevrolet Corvette, was second both in the RWD class and on the day.

Leon Gould took the win in the motorcycle class with his Suzuki GSR 1000.

Jamie McLaughlin was second in the class with some good runs on a Suzuki GSR 1000 of his own.

Many of the big names on the local scene including Humberto Rives, Kevin Johnson and Patrick Campbell were absent from the race. The understanding was that a lot of them were off-island competing elsewhere.

However a few notable faces were present including Delroy Forbes (who was a spectator), Roje Williams and some of his Front Line Racing crew and Kyle McLean in his green 1993 Toyota Supra.

Breakers Speedway Owner Robert Campbell said he felt the event was a good one.

‘We had a low turnout but the reason was a lot of events were happening. A lot of guys are competing abroad as well. But everything went as planned.

‘Special mention goes to Leon in the motorcycle class as he has shown marked improvement over time and is slowly moving up the ranks.

‘Ricky Bodden also did a good job in the tower. At the end of the day it’s always a good event when everything runs well.’

Among the improvements seen at the race were a blocked off staging area, a security guard (in the form of volunteer Orlando Wilson) filtering access to the race pit and a louder PA system.

In addition to playing his customary hands-on role with organizing the race, Campbell also took time out to get involved.

In a sight that would surely draw laughs on Youtube, Campbell raced Leslie Franklin on a bicycle. Both mature men peddled their little Huffys (which Campbell provided) a quarter of the way down the track to the finish line. Campbell showed he had not slowed with age, nabbing a close win.

The next big race at Breakers is slated for 5 April. Racing will as usual take place on that Sunday from 2pm to 6pm with testing and qualifying going off on Saturday night 4 April 6-10pm.

Race fees will remain unchanged with spectators paying CI$10 while racers pay CI$25.

There are expected to be changes in the cash prizes. There will be a prize of US$1,000 for the first car to run 5.999s or lower. From there the first FWD car to nab an e.t. of 7.199s or lower earns US$500.

A cash prize of US$1,000 for the motorcycle class is in the works but is dependent on a sponsor.

As Campbell states, the next event will also see changes in the race format.

‘For this race we tried axle classes after it was suggested by some of the racers. I’m still building up the program so I was open to suggestions.

‘But it was not well-accepted on the day so we’re going back to time classes.

‘But people can expect to see plenty of racing at the same times as the aforementioned times for the race are set in stone.’

Down the road Campbell says he working on bringing down international racers and opening a shortened version of the circuit track around Easter.

Currently the outlined circuit course around the drag strip is not paved and at best resembles a rudimentary rally course. At present competitors on race days are welcome to bring an off-road vehicle to tackle the big rocks on the course.

Campbell went on to say that the public can use the track at any time and they are urged to make use of it.

‘The track is always open to people who want to run their car. Don’t take chances on the street. Contact me, set-up a time and race safely on the track.’

To set-up times to run at Breakers call Robert Campbell at 916-2222 or e-mail him at [email protected].

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