Ready for JA invasion

Some of the best novice amateur boxers in Jamaica will be here next week to take on their Caymanian counterparts.

The boxing show at the Boatswain’s Beach on Saturday 14 March will bring out West Bayers in force.

Although the main bill is between Cayman favourites Troy ‘The Real Deal’ O’Neil and Peter ‘Lightning’ Lewison, made at cruiserweight, 195lbs, the rest of the card will be international clashes.

Also hoping to be matched against the tough Jamaicans are Dariel Ebanks, Curtis Henderson, Michael Ford, Eric McField, Kendall Ebanks, Tracey Seymour and Jason Parchment, son of coach Donie Anglin.

Tickets are only $10 and $20 ringside and Anglin expects a full house of 400.

Former champion amateur Anglin said: ‘Troy against Peter is a very interesting fight. We have here experience against youth. Peter is a lion heart, he showed that in his last fight and although Troy hasn’t fought much in the last couple of years, he still remembers a lot and is in pretty good shape. It’ll be a great fight.

‘The Jamaicans are sending some good novices so every fight will be exciting, but I’m convinced we can beat them.

‘Tracey has got a good fight. I’ve seen the girl she’s matched with in Jamaica and she is tough. She’s won all six bouts, against men as well as girls. She’s young, 18, and rough, so Tracey will have to use her experience.

‘I’m expecting a good response from West Bay people. The last show there was 26 years ago at the Town Hall and it was packed. I’ve had a lot of calls for this one so it should be a good crowd.

‘I’m expecting good support. I was the king down there one time and they haven’t forgotten me.’

O’Neil, 33, has been boxing seriously for around 10 years, the pinnacle was capturing the Caribbean light-heavyweight novice title in 2002.

He’s competed in the World Games in Indiana where he got a silver and he also won bronze in a tournament in Spain.

O’Neil also made a spectacular debut in mixed martial arts last year and intends to fight again in the octagon in May.

Party-loving O’Neil has curbed his ways and lost around 25lbs in the past month, so is evidently taking this match seriously.

The customs tally clerk feels that superior experience and technique will negate any advantages the younger, possibly stronger Lewison may have over him.

Student Lewison, 22, is happy to be matched against O’Neil who he insists challenged him first. Lewison is especially thankful to his sponsors The Real Estate Company and especially Elizabeth Ross, for their support.

Show sponsors are Cobalt, Hardware Express, J&M Electronics, Boatswain’s Beach, Caybrew and Kings Import.

Tickets are available from Funky Tangs, J&M Electronics and Boatswain’s Beach and also Donie Anglin on: 939 7944.

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