Car sellers need power of attorney

Sellers of vehicles who are unable to sell their cars before leaving Cayman must provide power of attorney to the person to whom they entrust to sell the car.

The deputy director of the Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing, Richard Simms, reminded owners of vehicles that copies or faxes of power of attorney papers would not be accepted during the transfer of ownership.

Mr. Simms said: ‘This has always been in place. The reason we might be seeing more of it now is because we’re seeing more of a turnover of people coming through the place and people not understanding the laws… and the process.

‘It’s not new. It’s happening more frequently now, maybe because of rollover,’ he said.

Owners of cars advertised in local papers or online often leave the island before they have been able to sell their cars, leaving it in the hands of friends or colleagues. If the owners cannot sign the transfer of ownership papers in person, they must authorise another person to do so, with the power of attorney.

Mr. Simms said sellers should be aware of what they need to do if they do not manage to sell their vehicles before departing.

One alternative to securing a power of attorney is to sign over the vehicle to someone they trust.

‘You cannot just leave a car and tell someone ‘sell it for me’.

‘One of the things I advise people to do is to sign the car over to the person you are asking to sell it for you – someone you can trust. They can then sign the car over [to the new owner],’ said Mr. Simms.

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