Chamber president quits

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce announced Monday its president Eddie Thompson had resigned and been replaced by Stuart Bostock.

chamber thompson

Mr. Thompson

Mr. Thompson, who served as president of the Chamber for just over three months, resigned effective 28 February.

According to a press release from the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Thompson, who is managing director of architectural firm CAD Plus, resigned to ‘pursue other opportunities’.

Asked if he had resigned so he could prepare to stand in the upcoming Legislative Assembly elections in May, Mr. Thompson said he would not comment on that at the moment, but would put out a press release [Tuesday explaining ‘how, what, when, where and why’ he had resigned.

Mr. Bostock, who was slated to be the next president of the Chamber at the end of Mr. Thompson’s term, will take over the role nine months early. He will complete Mr. Thompson’s term and then continue as president until November 2010.

‘Although much earlier than expected, I would like to re-assure the Chamber membership that the Council, staff and I will ensure a smooth transition with no interruption to the operations of the Chamber,’ Mr. Bostock said.

‘The membership, council, staff and I would like to thank Mr. Thompson for his volunteer leadership and dedicated commitment to achieving the objectives of the Chamber of Commerce and wish him well.’

Mr. Bostock is president and chief executive officer of the Security Centre, and he is chairman of Cayman Crime Stoppers and a Caribbean director on the Crime Stoppers International Board of Directors.

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