Treat youths at home

Making reference to the Tranquillity Bay article, I am in support of the on-Island facility for our troubled youths.

Caymanians on a whole have shown that the ratio for tolerance in another country away from home and family/friends is very minimal, particularly young people need these psychological and emotional aspects of support.

More often this is the reason they rebel because of the lack of such support, yet to take them completely away from it, transferred to a strange land, with strange, possibly hazardous people, what else do we expect.

If life-serving prisoners can have a home at home, why not our at-risk young people?

Statistics here show, as far back as the early 1980s, that Caymanians – sent particularly to Jamaica – did not return as nearly rejuvenated as they were sent away to become.

I distinctively recall two particular young men who returned and shortly robbed banks, committed murders and were more experienced and knowledgeable in handling dangerous weapons, i.e. guns and knives, and knew more of how cultivate marijuana at their young age of 15-18 than anyone most Caymanians knew as adults.

They learn this at home; why send them away?

I think it defeats the purpose. A few others have also returned to same. The government may say they have faith in Tranquillity, but do the math and see what the equation is.

For the Cayman Islands, 90 per cent of the young persons sent to reform schools over the past 22 years have not amounted to what they were expected to by being sent to a rehabilitation institution.

I can name at the least 12 young persons over this time that fit this percentage. If Northward, Eagle House and Fairbanks prove somewhat rehabilitating, then I say on island for our children.

Patricia Bryan

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