Reefs shouldn’t have suffered

Why is there damage to the reef that needs to be repaired in the first place?

When the new expanded turtle farm was in the planning stages, part of the claim was that there would be no discharge water that would have negative effects!

Now we have the dolphin waste as well which some reports have been linked to the discharge system at Boatswain. When is the government going to act responsibly for the good of Cayman instead of acting for the immediate satisfaction of greed!

I don’t care how much expertise any individual claims to have with repairing coral reefs. Pick up any scientific publication, Google articles in Nova or any reputable source, and you will see there is no such thing as a quick come back or easy fix.

Just because one coral is growing rapidly does not mean all is well.

It can be a parasite and in the long run will block other slower growing corals from making a comeback.

They never should have been destroyed in the first place and those who are responsible for allowing the facility to dump its waste in the sea are responsible for destroying something that belonged to the Caymanian people not to some developers and a handful of lustful local businessman, foreigners and politicians.

Shame on anyone who had involvement and how disgusting to see it now being passed off as something to brag about under the dubious notion of the success of the repair.

Regina Ecclefield

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