On dead beat moms

Government targeting dead beat dads is all good and dandy, but what about dead beat mothers?

They do exist and what about the father that is paying child support and cannot see the child because of the mother’s spitefulness?

I have first-hand experience with these two issues and to put your heads in the ground and pretend that it is only dead beat dads as the issue, then you are not looking at the whole picture.

Many fathers pay the child support and cannot see their child. This is wrong. This child then grows up thinking the father did not care. When you approach the courts about this, you are laughed at as a father.

There are no laws protecting the fathers either. You have single dads out there raising their children on their own also, while mommies get dolled up for Friday nights.

I know that there are more single moms struggling with this dead beat dad issue in the Cayman Islands than there are single dad’s with dead beat mothers.

But let’s make the law to protect both parents.

Sarah Christian

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