Equality petition deadline close

The last day that the Equality Cayman petition will be available for signing is 15 March.

The petition is online at www.equalitycayman.ky

Equality Cayman will present the petition to the Government during the week of 16 March.

The petition includes the following statement:

‘To: Cayman Islands Government,

‘By signing this petition, I am asking the Cayman Islands Government to give the people the right to choose in the 20 May, 2009 referendum between the full right to be free from discrimination by the Government or the limited right that is contained in section 16 of the Bill of Rights in the current draft Constitution. Please allow me to let my voice be heard and let my vote be counted.’

Equality Cayman is a grassroots organisation that seeks to influence government to reconsider the decision it made to significantly restrict the rights of people in the draft constitution that will be voted on by referendum on 20 May 2009.

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