Water Authority intervention is deemed necessary

Judging from several letters of outrage by consumers regarding excessive water bills, it appears that Water Authority would rather remain complacent.

Checking the premises for leaks and finding none and checking the meters and finding no fault is not solving the problem for rate payers. The fact that several individual customers have been complaining through the media (never mind others who don’t but have similar problems) means that something is definitely wrong.

Since I am not a resident, I must ask the following questions. Can the householder read his/her own meter? Is there the possibility that meter readers can ‘falsify’ actual water consumption amounts inadvertently or otherwise? Could there be a computer glitch when the actual reading is fed into the system?

Reviewing the history of the affected householder’s water usage should be taken into consideration when responding to complaints. Obviously, if actual consumption is consistent over a given period – say, a couple of years, and then in a single month there is an astronomical increase, shows the consumer might not be at fault.

Is there no recourse to consumers after the Water Authority refuses to act in a more responsible manner in a good faith attempt to resolve the problem, notwithstanding the law?

This situation needs immediate government intervention (other than the Water Authority).

Geoff Daniels

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