38 women heroes honoured

Thirty-eight heroic women were recently honoured with a ceremony at the Government Administration Building during Cayman’s celebration of International Women’s Day.

The ceremony was part of Honouring Women Month and was opened by the Minister of Health and Human Services Anthony Eden and the ministry’s Chief Officer Diane Montoya.

The women honoured are:

Alex Johnson, Alitha Powery, Annette Vaughan, Beatrice Chisholm, Betty Ann Mobley, Beulah McField, Carmella V. Mclean, Cathy Fox, Charmaine Moss, Claira Range, Della Jane Campbell, Diane Patricia Montoya, Dr. Elsa Cummings, Elizabeth Brooks, Enid Bernard, Estella Scott Roberts, Francine Marylou Rankin, Grace Hayes, Jean Astria Solomon, Karen Hart, Karin M. Thomspon, Linda Connolly, Linda McField, Lynette Chand, Marcia Rankin, Marge Quinland, Marjorie Bodden, Marjorie Patrecia Beckles, MaryLou Gallegos, Michele Ebanks, Naomi Josephs, Norah Diana Hydes, Ruth Anglin, Shannon Hydes, Sophia Whittaker, Susan Smith, Tammy Ebanks Bishop, Twyla Vargas, and Vilma Guillen.

Each woman received a certificate of appreciation from Mr. Eden and were further recognised in a Heroes Display.

Mr. Eden said: ‘There are female heroes among us that may not necessarily be in the public spotlight, but still significantly contribute to our growth and development, at an individual and national level.’

Winners of the Honouring Women Month photo and poetry contests were also announced.

The winners of the photo contest were: In first place was Margaret Jackson with Helping Hands’; in second place was Sarah Edgar Kelly with Heroic Mothers of the Cayman Islands; and in third was Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette with Good Old Days.

The winners of the poetry contest were: Carren LaCruse with Unsung Praises; Alta Solomon with Where is Love?; and Daisy Jackson with I Kicked My Shoes Off.


For more information about Honouring Women Month, visit www.wrc.gov.ky or contact Ms Foster at 949-0006 or email [email protected].

An evening of heroes

The Empowerment and Community Development Agency and Books & Books in Camana Bay recently held an Evening of Heroes event to celebrate Honouring Women Month.

The event featured presentations by Vice-Chairperson of the Estella Scott Foundation Marilyn Conolly, former Miss Teen Cayman Yentel McGaw, and a founding member of Dance Unlimited and Barnes Dance Academy Director Susan Barnes Pereira.

‘Honouring Women Month aims to honour women whose lives have been a heroic journey,’ said ECDA Programme Officer Miriam Foster.

‘With this event we wanted to highlight women who live lives that are an example to all and offer an opportunity to other people to get inspired from these women.’

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