Francois wipes the glass best

Adelaide Francois is overjoyed at securing the top rebounder award in the Cayman Islands Basketball National Women’s League recently.

The 24-year-old from New Orleans is a medical student at St. Matthew’s University.

Francois has been on island for a year and half but is leaving next month to continue her medical studies.

Although she never played organised basketball in a team setting prior to this year, Francois says she had plenty of experience playing the sport with her older brothers and sisters.

She says she has no thoughts of becoming a top player and only joined the league to have fun, to learn more about the sport and to experience playing with a team.

‘Earning top rebounder was such an honour for me. I realise how blessed I am to have accomplished such a feat. There are many talented women in the league that could have easily walked away with the title,’ she said.

‘This title is something I will cherish for the rest of my life and it will teach me everyday that I should work hard at whatever I do, because it will pay off in the end.’

Francois’s achievement was all the more remarkable as her team, Silver Bullets, place second to last in the league and she missed two games that could have added to her overall rebounding total.

Nevertheless, Francois says: ‘I love my team! I don’t care how many games we lost, or how bad we were losing, we always had fun and kept the faith until the end.’

Francois says she places high value on team effort. ‘Playing on a team has taught me the meaning of working together. It has helped me to stay in shape and to be mentally strong.’

She has some advice for anyone looking to take up basketball. ‘Make sure you are committed, because basketball is the kind of sport where one person can hurt the team. Also, I would recommend that you enjoy playing – have fun!’ she emphasised.

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