Give yourself a break

Finding time for you is very important. In our busy lives we have a tendency to try to be everything to everyone and sometimes we actually pile projects on the heap that do not rightfully belong to us.

In the long run, we are not doing anyone any favours. We become exhausted and unable to meet our own needs. We become angry with ourselves and others and no one seems to know why.

By allowing ourselves to get in this rut, we find that days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, and in a very short time we have very little time left.

We can be more productive, happier and healthier if we just stop and smell the roses once a day. Take control of your life and give yourself a break.

Here a few ideas for giving yourself some ‘me time.’

Starting today allow yourself 30 minutes of quiet time.

Rest your body and close your eyes.

Take a cold glass of water or some other drink and retreat to a quiet area.

Take a short walk and allow yourself to hear the birds.

Retreat to a garden area and relax.

Do not answer the phone or the door.

Buy a book and practice yoga.

Take a long bath with the door locked and just relax.

Buy a nature’s sounds tape or CD and relax in a lounge chair in a low-lit area of your home.

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