Dog House league gets shirty

Anyone familiar with the Dog House knows that it is involved in anything connected to sports of all kinds.

It has Dog House teams in many sports and shows international sporting events all the time.

One thing not many people know though is that the Dog House sponsors an English Premier League fantasy league.

Dog House manager John Mack said: ‘Every month we give away a full EPL kit for the top scorer in the Fantasy League. It is free to play and loads of fun.’ (

Besides an English Premier League jersey and shorts for the highest scorer each month, random Heineken prizes for the highest scorer each round are up for grabs and there will be a flight to Cuba for the highest scorer of the whole season.

Willian Petit and Kev Ashworth were recent winners of the monthly shirt and jersey. Both chose Manchester United kits. Trinidadian Petit is a busy football referee in the local leagues here and a Government auditor.

Englishman Ashworth plays football for the Doghouse Devils and in his day job is a training officer for the police force.

Cayman Active website owner Andy Bonner said: ‘I hope we’ll be able to run another challenge next season based upon Cayman’s own Premier League games, giving people a choice of entering either or both competitions.’

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