Family, friends fear for missing woman

The disappearance of 21-year-old Sabrina Schirn on Wednesday has caused great anxiety among her family, friends and neighbours on Grand Cayman.

“Everyone’s freaking out,” said Sabrina’s boss at Blockbuster Video Deborah McTaggart. “This is not like Sabrina at all.”

The video store employee was last seen leaving work on Wednesday morning in a white Honda Toreno. Mrs. McTaggart said the car belonged to another one of her employees and Sabrina said she was borrowing the vehicle to “go to East End.”

“She said she would be back,” Mrs. McTaggart said.

But Sabrina never returned.

She was scheduled to meet with a friend for lunch on Wednesday, but didn’t show up. She was supposed to pick up Mrs. McTaggart’s daughter from school, but didn’t make it there either.

She was scheduled to work at Blockbuster on Thursday, and again failed to appear. That was what prompted her family to file a missing persons report with police.

Sabrina lives with her parents here in Cayman. Mrs. McTaggart said there would have been no reason for the 21-year-old to leave the island, and that her parents were in possession of her passport anyway.

There were several reported sightings of Sabrina over the weekend, and a family member of the woman whose car she borrowed told police they were actually contacted by someone claiming to be Sabrina. However, the 21-year-old has not returned home.

The white Honda she borrowed Wednesday has not been located.

Mrs. McTaggart said Sabrina is good friends with her daughter, Emilia, and was planning to go on a vacation to Miami next month.

“She was looking for more hours at work, she wanted a little extra money for the trip,” Mrs. McTaggart said. “We’re all very worried.”

Mrs. McTaggart also said there was an incident involving Sabrina outside Blockbuster three or four days before she disappeared where a man appeared to be threatening her. No one was hurt in the dispute.

Anyone with information as to Sabrina’s whereabouts is asked to contact Sergeant Winsome Prendergast at 516-5241 or Cayman Crime Stoppers at 800-8477.

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