More families in need

Food drive under way

The number of families in Cayman receiving food from charities and from the government is on the increase.

Director of the Children and Family Service Department Deanna Lookloy said she expected to see more families receiving food vouchers from her department this year compared to last year.

‘One of our activities in the department is we give people food vouchers for the needy … we expect we might have higher numbers this year,’ she said.

From 1 July, 2007 to 30 June 2008, the Children and Family Services Department distributed food vouchers to 804 families in Cayman, and in the past eight and a half months, it had already handed out vouchers to 631 families.

The department, as well as handing out vouchers that can be exchanged for food, also distributes donations of food from charities and the private sector.

One organisation currently holding a food drive is fitness centre Curves in Grand Harbour.

It aims to collect 1,500lbs of non-perishable food items from its members and their friends and colleagues by 28 March. New members who donate food will have their joining fee waived.

“The Curves Food Drive is always exciting,” said Diane Musselwhite, owner of Curves at The Shoppes at Grand Harbour.

“We have a chance to help so many people at a time when the food banks are lowest. Especially during these uncertain times, this food is needed more than ever. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, and we’re very proud to participate,” she said.

Mrs. Lookloy said Curves’ food drive came at a timely period of the year.

‘Curves has partnered with us over the past couple of years. We are very grateful.

‘The good thing about Curves’ Food Drive is it comes at a time when we don’t have much. We get the most at Christmas, and then there’s a drought until next Christmas. The kids are at home for the holidays, it’s Easter time, and Curves often collects snacks and things that children like.

‘We’re very happy to receive those things and distribute them,’ she said.

The department distributes food donations to three of its district offices in Grand Cayman, and also to Cayman Brac.

She said that her department does not store donated foodstuffs, but distributes them as needed to clients receiving assistance. Food not distributed immediately is also kept in hurricane shelters and is used as necessary.

Curves is accepting food drop-offs Monday through Friday during business hours through the month of March. For more information, call Curves at 943-7546.

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