Death headline was misleading

First of all I want to extend my condolences to the family of the tourist who passed away while visiting our islands.

Although I did not know her, I can only imagine the sadness within the family under such difficult circumstances.

Secondly I would like to ask the editor to perhaps review the wording on the titles of the news been reported.

In this case the title was ‘Another snorkeller dies’.

Having received information first-hand from a person within the company involved, makes me think that the title is a bit misleading. Although this person had been on a boat and snorkelling, she did not have an incident in the water.

She started to feel ill afterwards while on the boat and was assisted by the crew.

The title casts a shadow of doubt (again!) on the watersports industry that prides itself on its safety record within the Cayman Islands.

Perhaps the tourist was an amateur golfer and the title could have been ‘Another golfer dies on board a snorkel boat’

Also, it might be of interest to the public if the paper researched and made public the actual circumstances and medical results of the last two years of ‘water sports fatalities’.

In most cases, a combination of age, health issues and medical history were the main factors rather than the activity in itself.
In this case, kudos to the crew of Red Sail Sports for their efforts to save a life!

Sergio Coni

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