Best high Heels

Women are no slackers on the court.

They may not have many games to show it but the close matches, star players and display of fundamentals are proof.

Women’s basketball wrapped up last Saturday with the culmination of the Women’s Cup tournament.

The competition, put on by the Cayman Islands Basketball Association, saw Dominos Lady Heels emerge victorious with a 75-49 win over Silver Bullets at the CIBA Court.

Although the score does not show it, the game was a tight one. It was not until a big injury in the second half that allowed Dominos to dominate the fourth and final quarter.

True to the standards seen in women’s basketball, the game had it all. There were star players in the form of Benecia Thompson and Dionne Anglin for Dominos and solid fundamental plays from Silver Bullets players Bobeth O’Garro and Scimone Campbell.

In addition two basketball minds manned the sidelines in Coach Collin Anglin of Dominos and Coach Daniel Augustine for Silver Bullets.

Anglin, who saw his team dominate on both ends of the court, talked about his game-plan.

‘We didn’t have too many hiccups. We had a game plan to shut down Scimone and Bobeth to keep them out of the game.

‘From there we decided the best way to attack them on offense was to attack the wings, swing the ball in the corners and challenge their weakest defenders.

‘We didn’t expect to get as many transition baskets as we did; mainly because of Scimone and Bobeth, two of the best defensive players in the league.’

The Women’s Cup title serves as good compensation for the squad. Earlier this month they lost to Storm Quik Cash in the women’s league final 58-48. Lavern Davis-Ebanks and Finals MVP Merta Day lead the way for Storm.

As Anglin states the Lady Heels, last year’s league champion, is content to walk away with some hardware this year.

‘The season went fairly well even though we played without our main centre Dionne Anglin for the majority of the season.

‘However the rest of the team stepped up to carry the load and I’m very satisfied with what we’ve accomplished.

‘We seem to alternate championships as we lost out before last season. But the majority of the players will be coming back and we’re looking to win it all next year.’

National Women’s Basketball Coach Redver Ebanks felt on the whole the year went well for women’s hoops.

‘The league was very competitive and everything was really balanced. Though Storm went undefeated, none of their games were easy.

‘I hope the positives from this season carry over to the next. There was a lot of improvement among the ladies as many role players became stars. Sarah Kidd [of Dominos] and Lashawn Davis [of Storm] stepped up for their teams and Scimone Campbell carried her team on her back.

‘To me the league helped players mature. The result was teams were well-balanced and more leaders developed. I hope we see more of that going forward.’


The women hit the court hard this year

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