Moyle passes NS torch to Joey

Edna Moyle will end an almost 17-year political career to let Turtle Farm head Joseph ‘Joey’ Ebanks stand as a PPM election candidate in North Side.


Joseph Joey Ebanks 

Ms Moyle and Mr. Ebanks appeared together at a hastily arranged press conference this afternoon, setting the stage for a show down between Mr. Ebanks and former district MLA Ezzard Miller.

‘In life, when you reach a certain age, and when you have given to your country as many years as I have given of public service, there comes a time to move on,’ she said.

She described the Boatswain’s Beach Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer as a ‘mature, intelligent, young man from North Side that I am sure will represent my district without a hitch.’

Mr. Ebanks said he handed in his resignation to the Boatswains Beach Board of Directors just hours before the announcement, but he said he had been discussing it with them for some time.

Asked whether he is leaving the financially-struggling facility in lurch he said ‘That was one of the most difficult parts of this decision,’ adding that discussions with employees at the facility made him confident he is leaving it in capable hands.

A replacement for Mr. Ebanks is expected to be announced shortly.

Ms Moyle, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly since the People’s Progressive Movement took office in May 2005, would not rule out staying on as speaker if the role were offered to her by the next government. But she said such a consideration is a long way down the track.

Mr. Ebanks predicted a tough fight as he tries to keep North Side in the hands of the PPM.

‘I pledge that I will do my absolute best to be a candidate who is deserving of the faith she and so many others place in me,’ Mr. Ebanks said.

Ms Moyle, a working mother of five children, was elected to represent the district in 1992.

She has championed the causes of women, children and communities throughout her life.

Ms Moyle was the Minister of Community Development, Youth, Sports and Gender Affairs from November 2000 until November 2001, when she was ousted as a member of the then Executive Council in a Legislative Assembly vote along with then Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts.

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