Elevator safety checks improve

The Cayman Islands government Building Control Unit is largely following recommendations made by Complaints Commissioner John Epp concerning the inspection of elevators and the approval process of new elevator equipment.

Mr. Epp said the review will greatly reduce the risk of elevator accidents in the Cayman Islands.

A notable step in improvements to public safety, according to Mr. Epp, is the installation of a key box in all elevators that have passed the new inspection requirements. The key boxes allow consistent access by fire services and should improve response times in case of an emergency.

The elevators will be reasssessed annually.

The Cayman Islands Building Code governs the approval of new equipment and the installation and inspection of elevators in the Cayman Islands. Mr. Epp found that imposing these requirements were already within the power of the BCU.

However, the code sections pertaining to elevator inspections (as opposed to electrical connections for elevators) had not been enforced until June 2007.

Recently an elevator inspector was appointed, and he has met individually with industry stakeholders regarding the enforcement requirements. The BCU has also drafted guidelines for equipment approval which sets out the information required to make a determination on an application for equipment approval.

Mr. Epp said Industry stakeholders will also benefit from the complaints commissioner’s recommendation that the initial and ongoing costs of elevator inspections will be borne by the Building Control Unit. Mr. Epp also found that the inspection process is now centrally organized, as his office recommended.

‘As a result of our recommendations for this case and the hard work of the BCU (Building Control Unit), the risk of elevator accidents has now been greatly reduced and I commend the BCU for its diligence in the great progress so far,’ Mr. Epp said.

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