Frightening times

We continue to progress towards third world status. I saw exactly the same trend in Jamaica when I lived there in what we thought was a safe area.

First of all an entire family with Cayman connections was murdered in their home. Then a prominent former government minister across the road from us was killed.

My family was beaten to within an inch of their existence and up until now the police have not found the criminals responsible.

The other night when we had an intruder in our yard I phoned the police, but with little success. I admit I did not pursue the matter, after all this is Cayman, the police are allegedly busy and we pride ourselves on our safety and I did not want to be a nuisance.

The lack of assistance was I agree my fault. I should have phoned 911 but I suppose we do not usually have murders like these happening one after the other in Cayman.

I realise that we have changed from the ‘Islands that time forgot,’ but still I don’t usually burst into print.

Matters however are becoming frightening and we must remember how much we depend on the tourists and winter resident business.

Currently our financial industry is under attack so let’s make sure we can at least keep our tourists happy and safe.

John A. Fleming

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