UUCI launches internet job board

The University College of the Cayman Islands has launched a new internet vehicle for posting and pursuing employment opportunities in the Cayman Islands.

The UCCI Job Board was the vision of Mary Anne Cannon, director of Student Services.

‘All universities have a quiver full of employment locater services,’ she said. ‘As the leader of tertiary education in these islands we want to offer useful and valued services to our students and the wider community.’

The UCCI Job Board’s primary focus is to assist students with job placements, whether temporary, part-time or full-time.

Employers can use the site as an alternate and cost-effective venue for posting jobs in a public forum and as an immigration requirement for vetting local jobs.

‘For the price of advertising one job for two days in the newspapers, an employer can now advertise as many jobs as they’d like throughout a one year period for a similar cost,’ said Ms Cannon.

‘We are trying to make the UCCI Job Board as user friendly as possible,’ Kevin Hudson, UCCI webmaster and site-coordinator, said.

‘It’s our goal that once an employer sets up their initial account, posting and reviewing job applications will be as easy as checking email. We are available to provide as much help and support as the employers require, but the website is designed to be easy enough that employers will be able to post, edit, and remove their postings 24 hours a day.’

Employers may post available jobs on the UCCI Job Board site at http://www.ucci.edu.ky/jobboard.php by following the Post A Job link and then click Join Now.

After filling out the required information and submitting their payment, the employer’s account is unlocked, and then they are free to post as many Standard Posts as they choose.

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