Writer raises many issues

Please allow me space in your newspaper to write about some issues that I am concerned about.

First, I would like to go back to the issue about providing bus-stops for our many schoolchildren. I am asking again why government, the private sector, social groups, and the many individuals that I believe are in the position to help provide them, have not yet done anything about it.

Since I am writing about a few issues, I will not elaborate too much on any one.

Secondly, I would like to see restroom facilities provided for persons using our fields to play sports. I have noticed on several occasions persons (boys, men) using the poles on the field in West Bay as a shield for them. This is so unsanitary and it looks very disgusting.

I am also very concerned about the persons whose houses were damaged by Hurricane Ivan, many of whom are elderly people. Shouldn’t the Social Services Department and community workers be looking out for these people? Some of them still don’t have their houses repaired and are without electricity.

Again, I would like to mention that Planning should not allow business places to be built that do not accommodate handicapped persons. For example, there is an educational institution that does not provide wheelchair access and also several big businesses in the centre of town. Why aren’t they allowed access but are patrons of these businesses?

Another thing that I noticed in the centre of town is that some of the street light signs are not in order. For instance, when the street light shows ‘green’ on the road, the one that is showing ‘red’ has a ‘hand’ signal. I think that if the light is showing ‘red’, pedestrians should be able to cross the roads. This needs urgent attention as this is very confusing.

I would like to mention that it is very good that, at this late stage and with so much in the budget for it, that we are getting one or two of our roads redone, even if it is just before election time. However, it is about time the major patchwork stopped. This makes our roads look bad and they don’t last for very long. It might be helpful to display the km/h limit along with the mp/h on the speed limit signs.

Since I am on the issue of roads, I am mentioning again that it is very unhealthy for people to have to inhale the black smoke that is coming from many vehicles using our roads. They should be required to keep their vehicles maintained.

And speaking of smoke, I would still like to see the day when tobacco products and alcoholic beverages will become illegal in our Islands. Our citizens will be so much healthier. Our roads will be so much safer: less deaths, injuries and domestic violence.

Another thing I am concerned about is that of employment. Why are there so many foreigners than Caymanians on our little islands? Why is a Caymanian who is willing and able to work unemployed and a foreigner is holding a position that he/she is qualified for?

Also, what are our children supposed to do after graduating from high school? I pray that government is dedicated to offering scholarships to our children so that they can further their education and train to take over the jobs that are now held by foreign nationals so that they may return to their beloved homeland.

Last but not least, I would like to see Caymanian men, and especially fathers that are fisherman be allowed to fish in order that they can help maintain their families. A lot of families are dependent on fishing as a livelihood and from my understanding the laws are discriminatory and the fishing seasons are out of place in regards to breeding, etc. Our Caymanian seamen are supposed to have the first right and, according to our fishermen, these laws that are in place now need to be reviewed.

There are other concerns that I have, but I will close this letter for now.

Dora Ebanks

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