Bad driving out of control

Driving: Lack of courtesy should be addressed, a system created and enforced.

Day after day I experience very inconsiderate driving habits by other drivers. Pulling out of plazas or side roads with no regard for oncoming traffic that has the right of way, vehicles not pulling over to the side of the road completely, sometimes not even an attempt to pull over at all, blocking entrances and exits to plazas or side roads to drop off or pick-up people.

This is not just by the buses and taxis but commercial and non-commercial/working vehicles as well. Cutting through parking lots with reckless speed just to get maybe three or five cars ahead of where they were originally. Overtaking in the middle turning lane, which I have experienced the negative result of, is a dangerous law breaking act. All of this lack of courtesy in time makes courteous drivers start to become aggressive when they have had enough.

It used to be simple to exit a side road onto the main but now people are more reluctant to let you out because they have an aggressive driving mentality now.

Another note I will make is that there are a lot of taxis, buses, commercial and personal vehicles that I am sure shouldn’t be on the road due to the amount of thick smoke coming from the exhaust.

This is not only an environmental hazard, but also a bad reflection on Cayman. Most times, through George Town and on West Bay Road, I have seen it engulf pedestrians (mostly tourists) on the road side. I actually feel embarrassed when I witness this and I am not the one at fault. I don’t understand why so much emphasis is put on something like window tint and headlight colour. I do understand it’s the law, but nothing seems to be done about the serious problems occurring on the roads.

A system for these things should be put into place – maybe an easy to dial number (not while driving of course) and you can provide the details required and after a certain amount of complaints on a certain vehicle the owner or driver should be contacted and warned or suspended until the point is made.

Richard Maragh

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