Why are you really overeating?

Are you coming home at the end of a busy, stressful day and sitting in front of the television mindlessly munching salty, crunchy snacks or soothing your nerves with creamy ice-cream?

As noted in The Observer on Sunday, 15 March edition, ‘in times of economic stress, people often fall back on personal comfort foods’.

But people have actually been falling back on food for comfort long before the economic downturn – two decades of economic boom have been accompanied by an unprecedented global obesity crisis. It’s easy to blame the economic crisis for overeating now, but people often seem to feel the need to lay blame elsewhere.

What really lies at the bottom of overeating? What are the inherent factors that create this pattern in one individual rather than another? How can a person end the cycle of emotional overeating and break free from its painful pattern? Maybe you have asked yourself whether such a pattern can be broken.

Emotional overeating can be scary. Victimised by emotional unbalance, emotions such as panic, despondency and shame are often associated with a person that is out of control with food. The overeater may feel alone and isolated.

Going on yet another diet is not the answer. Counting points and calories are futile acts unless the underlying emotional causes of overeating are identified and brought to the light.

Statistics prove that most people who lose weight regain it back. My personal and professional experience shows that unless the underlying causes of emotional unhappiness and overeating are dealt with, weight gain occurs even for people who undergo expensive and dangerous weight-loss surgery.

If you are currently overeating, beginning an inner journey of self-discovery and transformation is an exciting and rewarding path to follow for weight loss.

Learning to reflect, becoming mindful of the tyranny of negative thought processes and adopting a self-honouring weight-loss plan are the keys to balancing emotions and ending a cycle of emotional eating. How do I know? Because I have mastered this.

As far as I can see, Oprah needs me. I wrote to her once, about my work here in Cayman, but received no response. I should have backed it up with a Rum Cake.

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