Time to change policies

I agree that the RCIPS seems to be taking the types of incidents involving Sabrina far too lightly.

The recent crimes against women have been absolutely horrendous; they have been brutally slain.

The solitary incident where a woman managed to escape unharmed was due to her quick thinking and she is very fortunate.

Perhaps if the police took these matters more seriously we could save lives. I understand that they don’t want to waste time but it is apparent that a missing person report must be taken seriously, especially if the family insists it is completely out of his/her character.

Remember that old saying ‘better safe than sorry’. How many beautiful young Caymanian women must lose their lives before we recognise it’s not a coincidence they cannot be contacted and their whereabouts are unknown?

It is absolutely unacceptable for the citizens of this country to have their faith in the police force falter even slightly. The part that sickens me most is that if the RCIPS gets a tip about drugs they show up within minutes sirens flaring by the cars-full. When it comes to traffic violations where money can be made by giving out tickets there seems to be no hesitation and no lack of available officers on sight, but when potentially serious crimes are reported they either don’t show up, give excuses like ‘We don’t have enough officers to deploy’ or they get there too late! I am angry, angry, angry that we must live in fear and with the ever nagging lack of confidence that if we are ever ‘kidnapped’ we won’t be rescued, but have our lives taken, our remains recovered and our families grieving.

With elections right around the corner I pray that candidates hoping to be our countries leaders will keep the safety of all who call Cayman home, in the front of their minds and make it a priority to change some of the ridiculous policies we have.

My condolences to the families of the women who have lost their lives and my sincerest hopes for change in the Cayman Islands.

Priscilla Pouchie

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