Today’s Editorial March 27: Let the race begin

Less than eight weeks from now, registered voters of the Cayman Islands will go the polls to elect their next government.

As has been the trend in this age of change in Cayman, there will be a lot riding on the outcome of the election. The next government faces a myriad of challenges and voters will have to decide whether it’s better to give the People’s Progressive Movement another term in power, or have a new government replace them.

At the same time, voters will also be asked to decide on whether to assent to the proposed new constitution in the country’s first referendum, which will be held the same day as the general elections.

It is therefore vital registered voters get as much information as possible on the candidates and the issues facing the country right now, as well as on what the proposed constitution will mean for the Cayman Islands if it passes in the referendum.

With that in mind, Cayman Free Press will dedicate unprecedented resources to help voters get all the information they need. As usual, we will cover the elections in our flagship publication, the Caymanian Compass, but this year our sister newspaper, The Observer on Sunday, will also feature election coverage through a series of in-depth articles on the issues.

But perhaps the most important tool we will use to cover the election is a special website set up specifically for that purpose. Internet users can access the Cayman Free Press Elections 09 website at, or through a link at the main website.

The Elections 09 website features pertinent archived stories that have appeared – or will in the run-up to the election – in the Caymanian Compass, The Observer on Sunday, The Journal, and The Chamber Magazine. The site will also contain other useful information, such as electronic copies of campaign manifestos, press releases from the Elections Office, and statistics from previous elections.

In addition, the Elections 09 website gives viewers a chance to voice their opinion through interactive polls on the issues and a blog entry which invites viewer comments. It also has responses to man-on-the-street/vox-pop interviews that poll the public pulse.

The one thing this country cannot afford is for the voting public to go into the polls uninformed. We here at Cayman Free Press intend to do everything in our power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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