Shawn Colvin charms Stay- Focused crowd

Shawn Colvin just has that certain something. Her crystal clear voice and serene demeanor seemed to mesmerise the audience at Stay-Focused Cayman’s signature fund-raising event last Thursday, 19 March.

Held at the South Sound home of AL and Melissa Thompson, An Evening with Shawn Colvin, saw members of the charitable set turn up to see the three time Grammy winner display her musical chops, while also paying homage to local non profit organisation, Stay-Focused.

Drawing inspiration from his older brother Bobby, a paraplegic Marine Corps veteran from the Vietnam War, who sees diving as a symbol of freedom from his wheelchair, Roger Muller decided to form Stay-Focused.

‘It gives teens and young adults with disabilities the opportunity to become certified scuba divers. Offering them a one-of-a-kind experience that can help to build their self-confidence,’ said Mr. Muller of the organisation.

The charity is also committed to supporting specific medical research that explores the possible advantageous facets that persons with mobility issues can attain from scuba diving. In addition to becoming Professional Association of Dive Instructors, (PADI) certified, Stay-Focused divers participate in numerous workshops, parasail, ride wave runners, and enjoy many of the other recreational amenities that Cayman has to offer.

Last year’s Stay-Focused fundraiser saw Emmylou Harris wowing the local crowd. After returning stateside Harris told her friend Colvin about the organisation, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The evening had a great opening with Swanky Kitchen Band, then Mr. Muller took to the stage to thank all for coming and recognised Sunrise trainees such as Roland Ebanks and Andrew Smilley who have participated in the programme. Mr. Muller also introduced mother-daughter Stay-Focused participants Joenell Parsons and Jessica Ebanks to the audience. And Brian Siemann, a freshman from the University of Illinois who is not only PADI certified, but who also took part in the last Cayman Islands marathon, in no way allows his disability to impede him.

‘I am happy that I have been given this opportunity, I love Cayman and I will always be there for Roger to tell people just how much Stay-Focused has done for me,’ said Mr. Siemann just before Ms Colvin began to sing.

Under a starry sky, clad in a multicoloured maxi dress with guitar in hand, Ms Colvin dazzled, singing songs like Twilight and many others for almost an hour, with all eyes on her.

‘This is a signature event that we hope will continue to raise more funds for the organisation in the years to come,’ said Mr. Muller.

Wonder who will be the star attraction next year?

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