Caribbean authors at Hobbies and Books

During the first weekend in April, Hobbies and Books will celebrate the publication of novels by three Caribbean authors.

Jamaican author Marguerite Gauron will be at Hobbies and Books to sign copies of her latest novel, Falling in Love After Fifty…the Best is Yet to Come, which she co-wrote with Cynthia Wilmot. Jackie Bodden Santa Cruz, a Caymanian author living in America, has written an adult fiction novel titled What You Lose in the Nurdy-Gurdy, You Gain on the Roundabout and she will also visit the bookstore that weekend.

On Thursday, 2 April from 6pm to 8pm, Books By the Bay in Grand Harbour will host Ms Gauron. Ms Bodden Santa Cruz will then be at Hobbies and Books on Friday, 3 April from 11am to 2pm and then at Books by the Bay on Saturday, 4 April from 11am to 2pm.

The book is a venture into adult fiction for Ms Bodden. Her previous autobiographical book of children’s stories was titled A Cayman Childhood Remembered and was launched in 2007 and now her newest adventure is the release of her fifth book and first novel.

Leo Voroninkaitis of Hobbies and Books said: ‘A Meet the Author event will be at Hobbies and Books, the Piccadilly Bookshoppe on Friday, 3 April, from 11am to 2pm and at Books by the Bay at Grand Harbour on Saturday, 4 April at 11am to 2pm.

‘Jackie Bodden Santa Cruz will be on hand to sign copies and talk with children and adults about her growing-up years in Cayman. She is a woman with a quick smile. We at Hobbies and Books see cause for celebration. This is sure to be a wonderful family outing and Hobbies and Books invite all to join us for this free event.’

The bookstore will also host an event in celebration of the publication of Ms Wilmot’s and Ms Gauron’s book at the Books by the Bay at Grand Harbour with Marguerite Gauron signing on behalf of Cynthia Wilmot.

‘Today is a time for falling in love. Whether we fall in love all over again with our present spouses, find new lovers or just fall madly, head-over-heels, in love with life in general, the excitement of new love is here for us to discover and enjoy…’

About the Authors

Jackie Bodden Santa Cruz

Jackie Bodden Santa Cruz is in Cayman for a short vacation and to release her fifth book and first novel.

With her descriptions, the author takes you from the familiar to far away, to the heather-clad mountains of Scotland, where her character’s first ideas of home are forged, as well as the origins of her first experience with abandonment.

Jackie Bodden Santa Cruz is not unfamiliar to Grand Cayman. Born to Arthur and Alex Bodden, she attended Cayman Prep and graduated from Cayman High School before leaving for America. Her writing career began when her children were little. The series of three books for children and adults were later combined into one hardbound book that contains 49 interconnecting stories written from memories of growing up in Cayman.

While in America, Jackie also worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center and later for the US Army, Corps of Engineers until she retired. After retiring, she focused more on her first love – writing.

On a two-week trip to Scotland, the idea to write fiction was born. As a result, while on this visit, she sketched a rough draft for the book that is now being released.

Among the photographs that she snapped while there, is the one on the cover of this book (the artist added the sandcastle with the flags of Alabama and Scotland).

Jackie currently lives in Alabama where she is married and has children and grandchildren that she continues to tell stories to and draws stories from.

She adds: ‘One of the highlights of my trips home is the joy of seeing all of my friends and family. I hope that you will take the time to come by and visit with me at my signings.’

Cynthia Wilmot and Marguerite Gauron

Cynthia Wilmot is recognised as one of Jamaica’s best known writers and directors of film documentaries, as well as an accomplished journalist.

She was once awarded the Silver Musgrave Medal from the Institute of Jamaica and an Honorary Life Membership in the Press Association of Jamaica.

Now in her eighties, she is busily at work on three new video documentaries and completing her first fiction book – a ‘whodunit’ – set in Jamaica. She is a true testament to the idea that life begins after fifty.

Marguerite Gauron, like Cynthia, is a talented journalist. She has received the Jamaica Press Association’s award for outstanding service in the field of journalism, along with numerous accolades for her work as a writer, fashion model, news correspondents, artist, dancer and environmentalist. Known as the ‘Voice of Portland’, Marguerite continues to speak to an estimated 80,000 people before breakfast, four mornings per week.

Leo Voroninkaitis of Hobbies and Books, said: ‘A Meet the Author event will be on Thursday, 2 April, 2009, 6pm to 8pm at Books by the Bay. Marguerite Gauron will be on hand to sign copies and talk with all about Falling in Love After Fifty.’

About the Books

What You Lose in the Nurdy-Gurdy, You Gain on the Roundabout

Forced by her parents to leave her home in Scotland in order to go to college in America, Megan feels that only the moon could be further from home.

It is during this time that her parents are killed in an automobile accident, and she returns home to discover that her dad has, for the better part, left her out of his will. Against her wishes, her sisters insist that she return to Alabama to complete her last year of college.

As in any good story, the underlying truths shine through the fictional words with themes as timeless as Forbidden Love and Inheritance Lost. What drove a wedge between Jacob and Esau still splits families today, and the pain of escaping this feeling of rejection can leave wounds that only time can heal.

Falling in Love after Fifty…the Best is Yet to Come

Falling in Love after Fifty encourages women not to be slaves to the misconceptions that life changes for the worse after fifty. It highlights case histories of women who have been able to overcome obstacles and attain even happier, healthier and more successful lives in later years. Packed with useful hints about loving everyone, including yourself, keeping healthy, both physically and emotionally and gaining new experiences.

Falling in Love after Fifty is a must-have for women of all ages preparing now for a fabulous futures.

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