Same old, same old

Four years ago we heard the same pre-election shout-outs

‘Make sure you vote and make your voice be heard, vote for those who have the people and goodwill of the country at heart.’

Now four years later it’s the same pre-election bulletin. My voice has been heard before and beyond elections via letters I wrote, now its pre-election time again, Let us ask ourselves, where have we gone, what have we achieved? I have listened every four years to this pre-election bulletin since I was able to vote, and it has been the same old same old.

Now it’s worse. We have the party system separating the masses while our country is being drained of its own molasses by the Mother Country classes.

My humble opinion is that all elected governments have done the same; massive spending, good and bad, if we add the good in contrast with the bad, then ask ourselves after, how much good has been done for the people (our I should say certain people) and for the country in general? Let’s analyze the good verses the bad; then the answer should be our deciding factor when we mark our X at the poles in the May 2009 elections.

We have allowed too much bad sediment to settle and accumulate within our systemic infrastructure. Now it is stagnated and needs filtering and has become a financial beast of burden for the taxpayers.

We have individual/s being rewarded millions for injustice actions by hired professionals from the Mother Country and warrants signed by our very own to validate the injustice.

(Good) We gave the biggest budget in Cayman Islands history to our police service to fight crime, (Bad) and what do we have now; more crime and more unsolved murders1, and getting worse. It seems we have turned our blessings into a curse, as many more over the years of distress progress are being driven off in a hearse.

We have highways now, (Good for the motorists) (Bad for pedestrians and cycles) with no means of crossing them. If you try crossing them it may be fatal like the recent fate of a Filipino worker here who tried crossing and was hit by a motorist, and eventually died as a result.

We have qualified Caymanians out of work while we are building mega schools to qualify more (not that am against the building of schools and the enhancement of education am just highlighting the fact that we have a double standard here).

We have the highest point on the island, which is our garbage dump Mount Trashmore and adding more, Dart wants to buy but it seems Government is still reluctant to sell. Mount Trashmore will eventually be our next major financial and environmental hell.

Joseph ‘Lebbie’ Yates