Calm the mind, calm the munchies

We know that it takes discipline, decision making and determination to lose weight.

The decision to lose weight is the first step and is often triggered by some future upcoming event for which one wishes to look their best, a disturbing medical report, an unfriendly comment about the size of one’s girth or the point of being ‘fed-up’ with being ‘over-fed’. Just making the decision to lose weight brings instant relief.

Staying committed until the goal is accomplished and circumnavigating the pitfalls and curveballs of life that throw one off one’s good intentions are often more challenging. While the first few weeks on a weight loss program can be compared to a ‘honeymoon phase’, when hope and motivation are high, the reality is that most people stop long before they have reached their goal.

Lifestyles, with Donna offers new and timely practices for weekly participants in group and private weight loss sessions with techniques from yoga which enable overweight people to ‘get in touch with their bodies and emotions as well as diffuse negative stress and thinking patterns’. Lying in an energy restorative pose with their feet up the wall, participants are taken on a visual journey to their goals and learn how recognise self-making obstacle patterns. Breathing and relaxing techniques enable participants to cope with daily stress without resorting to food for comfort, coping and relaxation.

I remember when I was overweight and overate too often. I overate to deal with stress and unpleasant emotions, at times making me feel disconnected from my body.

Connecting the mind, body and spirit are essential for wholeness and wellness in all people and works wonders in this weight loss program. Women who have been waiting for that instant spark of ‘I’m ready’ are highly motivated and making changes on a grander scale’.

Calming the mind, i assure you, is the key to calming the munchies.

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