Prayers for Estella

In remembrance of the extra-ordinary work and legacy of Estella Scott-Roberts, St. Ignatius students compiled a special tribute book of prayers.

Mrs. Scott-Roberts, a women’s rights activist, was murdered in October of last year.

The prayer book was presented to Rayle Roberts – husband and chairperson of the Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation – during a special prayer service at St. Ignatius Church.

‘Estella worked tirelessly to make our community a better place for women, men, young persons, and our wider community as a whole,’ said St. Ignatius Campus Minister Diana Brodowska welcoming members of Estella’s Foundation and students.

She further stated that while members of the community struggle to cope with Estella’s loss, they must not let the atrocity change who they are as a people, but reach out to those in need like Estella did.

A minute’s silence was observed for Estella and following the lighting of the candle by students in her memory, prayers were read for her and all victims of violent crimes.

The prayers included ones for people of the island; for the unsung heroes; for those who are angry and hurt; and for families, friends and victims of violent crime on the island.

Mr. Roberts was then presented the book of poems by Campus Minister Brodowska on behalf of the students.

Mr. Roberts expressed heartfelt appreciation to students for remembering his late wife and presented the school with a plaque from the Foundation.